Jackson Parish Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce that we now offer online tax payments and tax inquiries! If you are interested, click the TAXES button on the left or click here.


Deputy Lindsey Sneed, Deputy Trevor Hall, Deputy Randy Layfield and Deputy Mark Henry recently graduated from the North Delta Regional Training Academy.  During this 14-week training course, the deputies participated in classroom training and physical fitness activities.  This academy is mandated by State law and participants have to perform on a certain level and pass the State Post Certification exam.

Congratulations to Deputies Sneed, Hall, Layfield and Henry!


The Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Department recently held a golf tournament to raise money for Relay for Life.  Shown in the picture is Sheriff Brown giving an $8,000 check to Danielle Antoon from the American Cancer Society.

Sheriff Brown thanks everyone who contributed and helped make this year’s golf tournament a success.


Because there is no foolproof way to prevent fraud, awareness is the best defense.

Almost everyone will be approached by a scammer at some point.

Some scams are very easy to spot while other scams may appear to be genuine offers or bargains.

Most scams need you to do something before they can work.  You may send money to someone based on a promise that turns out to be false. You may give personal details to people who turn out to be scammers.  Some scams rely on you agreeing to deals without getting advice or buying a product without checking it out.

By following these simple tips you can protect yourself against scams:

~ Always remember the Golden Rule, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.
~ Always get advice from someone you trust if an offer involves money, time or commitment.
~ Never give your personal credit card, bank account or online account details over the phone unless you made the call and the phone number come from a trusted source.
~ Never send money to anyone you are not totally sure about.
~ Never send any money or pay any fee to claim a prize or lottery winnings.
~ Never agree to transfer money for someone else.
~ Always destroy personal information, don’t just throw it out.  You should cut up or shred old bills, statements or cards so scammers cannot get your personal details.
~ Never agree to any business proposal over the phone.  Always ask for an offer in writing.
~ Always beware of products or schemes that claim to guarantee income or winnings.
~ Never let anyone pressure you into giving out personal information or pressure you into making decisions about money.

Contact the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Department at 259-9021 if you are unsure about an offer or you suspect you have been scammed